Children’s Illustration

You’re halfway through developing this wonderful project that will captivate the imagination of children.
Adding beautiful art on top would make it perfect!
But there are several things to consider…

For any kind of children’s project to draw attention and be successful, either if its main purpose is commercial, educational or both, it’s essential to be mindful not only of the tastes of the kids (which may be very trendy and depend upon quite short age ranges), but also of the judgement of the adults responsible for them.

  • The images should have the charm that makes children want to see them again, again and “just once more!”, but…
  • the whole content should also be considered really good in almost every aspect by the parents (or teachers).

They will be the ones making the final decision.

We believe that every piece of content made for children should be crafted striving for the highest feasible quality, ultimately those children will learn and be inspired by what we hand to them; they will grow fond of it and also be slightly shaped by it, in thought and in heart.

Your book, your game, your app…
  …may influence a whole generation for a lifetime.

You yourself may have grown up mesmerized by timeless books such as Where the Wild Things Are, Dr. Seuss’, Curious George or Harry Potter.
It doesn’t matter whether it is meant to be simple or complex, educational, funny, moving or all of the above; we have to give it all we got!

As Candy Calavera Studio we can bring to your project many years of professional artistic experience working in a wide array of visual styles; bringing appeal to:

  • Storybooks
  • Educational activity books
  • Learning software
  • Mobile games
  • Educational board games
  • Learning material

Let’s nourish the imagination, curiosity and thinking process of the next generation together!

Storybook project:   —Brave Becca Leans In

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Storybook project:   If You Were a Bug

Storybook project:   Beach Fun

“I had a very good experience working with Candy Calavera. They are very talented and have great communication skills. I would love to work with them again.”

Hua Peng

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Other aspects to consider about your project:

The workload required for any illustration goes hand in hand with the style and the amount of detail needed; have you chosen a specific visual style for your project?

Have you located your book into a specific genre or target age group?

Popular sizes in children’s books are 11″ x 8.5″ portrait, 8.5″ x 11″ landscape and 8.5″ x 8.5″ square; some printing companies offer 8″ x 10″ as a standard; and most of them offer custom sizes.
Do you know what size will be your book?

Do you know how many words your book has?