3D Modeling

Got this amazing project and you need to take it to the next step right now!
The concept is well defined, but you want to flesh it out with production-quality 3D artwork?

For the past decade, 3D art has been one of the most popular ways to show your ideas to the world and has been quickly growing due to its versatility. Knowing this, whether you have it on paper or is still in your head, it’s clear that it would be absolutely awesome brought to life in 3D.

Think about it.

Every successful 3D project, be a videogame, a movie, a mascot or the prototype of a new product have something in common: 

They look cool and charming in their own style, you can almost touch them!

One just need to take a look at all the pokemon from the recent Detective Pikachu movie, or maybe Breath of the Wild, from Zelda, perhaps the Toy Story’s movies, if you think about little children. 

Every single one of these titles are totally different from each other, in complexity and style, but all of them are stunning in their one unique way.

We at Candy Calavera Studio want to help you achieve your goals, make your project memorable for everyone who sees it, always keeping in mind your vision of the final product and the needs of your audience. 

With our combined professional experience, we can assist your project from concept art to a final 3D model ready to be used in:

  • Simple and complex characters
  • Props and vehicles
  • Environment for games
  • Low-poly assets
  • Hand-painted textures
  • Product and logo renders
  • Simple rigging and animation

Not sure what kind of process does your project need production-wise?
Contact us! We’ll be happy to evaluate it and get you a bit more informed about what may be best for you.

Space motorcycle

Model, lighting and render in Modo.

Harley Quinn

Sculpt and paint in Zbrush, original concept drawn by Dylan Ekren.

Do you know the number of polygons you need for the model?

We will gladly talk about your project with you, so we can give you proper and accurate feedback and probably we may work together!