We are an independent visual development studio, helping our clients from all over the world to boost creativity and artistic quality in their projects.

Based in Querétaro, México, Candy Calavera Studio starts in early 2018 as an illustrators association, adding up 20 years of professional art experience; enabling us to keep contact with our past clients, as well as tackling bigger challenges.

We offer a varied array of creative artistic services, though our previous individual experiences led us to specialize in digital illustration for children and cartoon style.

Our main services are:

  • Children’s illustration
  • 3D modeling
  • Character design
  • Digital painting
  • Mobile game visual production

Attention to detail and a constant clear communication are the backbone of our process to set every project on the right track and meet or sometimes exceed expectations.

We LOVE our craft, passion and care fuel our creativity and allows us to evoke emotion and tell stories through characters and through design; after all, the drawing of a cowboy hat seems dull beside the drawing of the small town sheriff ‘s hat, who barely dodged a deadly bullet.

Our Clients

Do you have a creative project that we could help you with?
Feel free to contact us, we will assist you and offer creativity and dedication.
Let’s create awesome things together!